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I have a BLOG!

Okay...soooo...It's time to change things up a bit. I've been at this photography gig for about five years now. What started out as a hobby, organically evolved into a fun side-gig, has recently transformed into a full-time venture. I've got a real photo studio in Olde Towne Elkhorn and everything. I feel so "legit" all the sudden. LOL

I've been procastinating long enough. It's time Sherri Harnisch Picture Taker finally gets with the times and joins the blogosphere.

I am not new to the blogging world all together. In fact, I used to publish posts almost daily over at Keeping folks near and dear up to speed on all our "Harnisch Happenings." But something happened. I got busy I guess. Life got in the way, and I have been neglecting our poor old family blog for nearly TWO YEARS now. YIKES!!!

But I must say, all those years of blogging are not only collecting dust on the World Wide Web....I'm glad to see all those hundreds of posts also collecting dust on my mantle. In the form of six harbound "blog books." So all that effort wasn't all for nothing. I LOVE when the girls reach up for them and flip through the pages, and reminisce on good times had together. "Mom, can you turn to the chapter where went to that fun museum?" Love watching my girls revisit old memories :-)

But it's time to get back in the game. And this time with more of a "business" focus. Spotlight will be my beautiful clients (not me of course).

So here goes...Please stay tuned, as I will begin posting client sneak peeks here. I will still share sneak peeks on Facebook (but less than usual, as I will showcase the majority of my sneak peeks in blog form from here on out). Less bombardment of you FB news feeds! :-)

Just a heads up, I will drop my first post read all about my (and fellow photog friends) recent NYC adventure!!

Thanks for visiting :-)

Sherri Harnisch

your friendly neighborhood photographer

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